Chinese Root Art Expo Garden

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Kaihua tourist map ¡¡ enlarge>>
Participants of Zhejiang Provincial Forest Tourism Conferenc
The consulate generals of South Korean embassy in Shanghai c
Fang Jianzhong emphasized to seize the opportunity, to commi
Provincial Preliminary Assessment Expert Group came to Kaihu
More than 20 presidents from International Confucius Institu
¡°Huge achievements¡± from East China International Travel Mar
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Golden Tourism Line of Golden Triangle distribution center of Zhejiang, Anhui and Jiangxi
Heaven of Root Arts as well as a Art Palace.
one day tour of Wuqiang River for drifting in Kaihua County
Wuqiang River for drifting
To Step red footprint and to experience new trend of era ¨C two-day red tour in Kaihua County
red tour in Kaihua County
hot spots
Hundred trees in the same spring
Lucky gate shined by auspicious light
History classical person museum in 5000 years
500 Arhats
Zodiac cultural corridor
Drunken root leisure holiday countryside
Qingmei garden
Drunken root tan
Root carving Buddha nation
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